Welcome to PREMSTATS the most thorough Premier League stats website available. We hold a world-leading database of Premier League stats. With our match information, player records and other stats dating back to the league’s inception, we can dig deeper into the stats from every game, every player and every goal. In fact we analyse stats that most people won’t have even thought about.

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We look through the current form as well as the history of each fixture to get an idea of how the match will go. We also then go that little bit further by looking at each teams individual remaining fixtures and we see how well they usually perform in those fixtures.

Do they have many ‘bogey’ teams left? Do they have several away matches to play against the top 6? Or equally, have they played most of the bottom teams at home so far? The fixtures themselves can even put a team in a better position than they should really be in given the amount of tough games they have yet to play.

Every week we analyse the forthcoming fixtures to identify patterns and trends.

Whilst nothing can be predicted for certain, we often find that teams consistently do better or worse against particular opposition. Every club has a ‘bogey’ team that they do not look forward to playing and we know which teams that is for every club! As well as all of this we have data on every match so we can even dig deeply into what times the goals go in for a certain fixture. We have the details of every player to have ever graced a Premier League pitch; and we even have full records for every team that was once in the EPL but has since been relegated.

Whilst we do enjoy sharing this information about your favourite teams, we do not offer this information in any way to be formed as any kind of betting system. Our fans are free to use this information as they see fit, but we cannot be held responsible for any bets placed or monies lost. For further information please read our terms here.

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